April Drop Spindle Workshops

£60.00 - £75.00
  • April Drop Spindle Workshops
  • April Drop Spindle Workshops

A series of three evening workshops by Zoom to introduce you to a simple, versatile way of producing your own yarn from carded wool. We work together in a small but inclusive group, so you will receive focused guidance at your own pace.

Groups run from 7pm to 9pm GMT.

Session 1: Fundamentals of spinning: learning the roll and drop-and-catch methods.
Session 2: Plying and moving to suspended spinning.
Session 3: Washing and fixing yarn and revisiting the spinning process.

You will need a drop spindle (preferably one where the hook is at the same end as the whorl), some carded wool and some scrap yarn to tie to the spindle. I also sell a starter kit and you’ll receive a discount if bought with the course. The price includes UK postage, so get in touch if you'd like to order from elsewhere!

You will receive a Zoom link to use for the sessions. If you can, try to have a space that's well-lit and gives you room to move back from the camera far enough that I can see you using the spindle.

The teaching style is informal and conversational, and embraces mistakes as important milestones to learning. We also embrace you learning in the space you’ll be spinning, so if that means learning to work around a curious cat or taking breaks to stretch you’re very welcome.

By the end of the three sessions, you should be ready to keep spinning independently, producing your own plied yarn for knitting, crochet or just for the pure joy of spinning.

You can then be added to the invitation list for our monthly spinning social nights.

If you are on a low income or otherwise needing to be careful with money, please use the code SPINDLE at the checkout and you’ll receive £30 off the cost of the course.